682 Area Code
Reported Bobby,
They keep calling constantley trying to sell auto warranties even after i said i am not interested. They also use several other 682 numbers to keep harrasing you into buy.


234 Area Code
Reported Kate,
I received a text message from this number 1 234-203-5169. The message has my whole name, address and says acknowledgement necessary for funding link. scary


718 Area Code
Reported Jenny Mabrey,
WOW ALL SOUND FAMILIAR Dwayne MCGuirre. law enforcement Agency noting Fraudulent Tax return filed in 2010, owe over $4k, I will picked up in the next 3 hours & spend 6 months in jail. Ended with Have a Blessed Day.


209 Area Code
Reported Jo,
I am getting a call from this number every afternoon. It only rings twice then hangs up.


989 Area Code
Reported John Boehm,
Marketing calls from this number for newspapers. Call back and nobody ever answers after spending an eternity on hold.


469 Area Code
Reported guest also,
Left a message saying, he was "Scott Fender" landscaper working in area and left his number 469-795-0777. Said he lived in the city and was working landscaping and needed to keep his crew busy! Said looked like I needed landscaping? Have never returned his call. Reading others that posts reporting a Dustin or Justin above it can be a scam for sure. Tried to google him (scott fender) and his business. His # came up under scamming. Other posts on other scam sites say they actually paid him $800 and he never came back.


289 Area Code
Reported Guest,
I just got a call from 289-768-5215 "ecoenergy" wanted to set up a time for a visit and when told after I said thank you but I'm not interested, he are a "B" and to F...O.


540 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Called regarding RX drug. Have been advised (medical office was hacked) NEVER to answer or respond to auto type calls. Scammer.


386 Area Code
Reported Val,
Call claimed to be IRS announcing final lawsuit. Then phishing for name and address.


720 Area Code
Reported guest,
Keep getting calls from this number. No one says anything when I answer and when I call using my cell phone and it says that it is disconnected - When I call from a land line it just does not go through and gives busy signal


815 Area Code
Reported Guest,
We have gotten calls for past week and robo machine will not answer, until say hello 2 or more times. I redialed number to be told number was disconnected, TOTAL SCAM.


519 Area Code
Reported Nosey,
"Blue Dream" Silent call / dead air at 4:47am. WTF?


209 Area Code
Reported Barbara Cebula,
Calling at 9 pm to Massachusetts, I told her not to call this house again and told me I was nasty, she was from GPS


415 Area Code
Reported Guest,
He has called my workplace 3 times now; was told NOT to call the work line, but still doing it. He was very threatening and rude, but wouldn't say what the call was about. The call I.D. says "Cypress Security", but don't know what he's up to.


601 Area Code
Reported guy smiley,
Just received a call from this number. I didn't answer it and they didn't leave a message.


407 Area Code
Reported Lovely,
Calls I do not answer nor let it go answer machine I look at caller I'd and ignore


917 Area Code
Reported Ilene,
This is for "Guest" I have been donating to that organization for several years. They are a legit animal rescue organization out of D.C. Thete phone number is 202-682-9400.


613 Area Code
Reported Guest,
left no message


601 Area Code
Reported Pat Small,
This number 601-869-4563 showing Magnolia, MS, called my husband's cell phone number and did not leave a message. He does not have any contacts with number. When I searched for the identity for this number, this website to report problem phone calls appeared. Thus, this report is being submitted to report a nuisance call.


406 Area Code
Reported Ryck.,
Caller ID identifies this number with the initials, IMC. Calls repeatedly but leaves no message.


602 Area Code
Reported Robert Jones,
No message - they just want to know if you are home, I'm waiting for someone to knock at my door!


313 Area Code
Reported Guest,
They keep calling my daughter leaving a message saying they are coming to my work with the sheriff to serve a summons. This is a scam big time first if it was real why would they leave a message with a family member? Never do they mention my employer that they are going to serve me at from the hours of 12 through 7 or the county where I live so good try on scaring me. If it was real you would get paper work stating the summons. I highly doubt that George White from Michigan is going to travel two states away to serve me my summons with the sheriff from my county. So freaking annoying to have George harassing my family!!!!!!!


208 Area Code
Reported Brian,
Got a call saying I owed 1600 dollars for bank fraud two warrants issued tomorrow if I didn't pay total scam called the prosecutors and they said they had no indication of any thing like that thanks guys way to wreck someone's work day lets figure it out time and suffering watch your phones don't answer numbers u don't know.


952 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Did you have someone come to your door offering you an opportunity to win the "Think Big $20,000 Sweepstakes"? We had a very cute, sweet and fast-talking young woman wanting to give us the opportunity to win if we sign on a clipboard and give her our phone number. Several of our neighbors signed up (supposedly) so I did too. She gave us a small form with very small print. After she left I read the info at the bottom of the form "By completing an entry form you agree that sponsors of this promotion may telephone you, even if your number is found on a do not call registry list." The info on the back of the form (smallest print I've ever seen) says this "promotion is co-sponsored by participating independent authorized FilterQueen distributors." I believe FilterQueen is a vacuum cleaner. It said I could enter by filling out the form and mailing it in or enter online. I did neither and still they called me though I am on the registry. Seems to be the latest version of door-to-door vacuum cleaner sales tactics.


215 Area Code
Reported Tom Whelans,
Automated call to my cell phone in violation of FCC laws.


418 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Yes is Canada Renenu Agency but the external number is not assigned.


512 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Called my land line twice and did not respond when I answered. Then the same number called my cell phone immediately after. Left no message


615 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Sorry, this number is unavailable.


919 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Calls my daughter's cell number repeatedly, leaves no message. She never answers it.


650 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Mysterious text to link